This is a blog. A blog is a series of log entries found on the web… a web log. Someone tried to be clever and just shorten weblog into just “blog”. It stuck. I hate that word. Just as journalism is a word for the professional keeping of journals, blogging is the amateur keeping of logs. Yet one has an inherent societal value and the other, not.

This little blog of mine will be, ostensibly, about writing code for the web and iOS. This is a subject I know something about and, if you’re looking to learn about it too, I might be able to help you understand some things I understand. There will be code snippets included but no quizzes or tests. If you find yourself enjoying what you find here you might want to be a developer. If you decide that’s the case then you’ll want to go enroll in a good college somewhere. This blog won’t be enough for that task.

But if you’re looking for a few answers or some inspiration, maybe this is the right place.

We’ll see.