On beginnings. On blogs.

It is passé, they say, the blog. Perhaps, perhaps. It is not cutting edge, nor at the top of its trend. It is not Medium, nor twitter, nor Snapchat, Instagram nor any of the latest social platforms. And, very soon, neither will they. So now seems the perfect time to adopt the medium of blogging for my purposes.

There is a story told about Nixon and Zhou, perhaps apocryphal, perhaps not. The story goes that during a state visit President Nixon asked Premier Zhou what his thoughts were on the French Revolution. Zhou thought for a moment and replied “Too early to say.” This story has been told to emphasize that, for a culture that goes back thousands of years, even the 18th century might be seen as current events.

Imagine what he would make of the speed with which the internet spawns new social media.

No, the blog is not new. It is not the latest thing. It is, as the terrible year of 2016 draws to a close, a staid and conservative medium by comparison to its newer competition.

Which makes it perfect for my purposes. I’m looking for a corner of the web where an older guy can spread out and share a little about code and design. And if I feel the urge to spin some popular culture references into the weave, well I think a blog might be the perfect medium for that too. I don’t expect this will be an effort that attracts the average reader. It will be to technical for that. But this won’t be a text book either. If you come here looking to learn how to code you may learn something… but that’s not it’s purpose.

This will be more Pirsig than Primer.

At least that’s the view of it from here and now. At the beginning all is promise and opportunity.

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