If application design is about more than just how it looks…
It’s about choices you make on behalf of your users. How should it look, yes, but also how should it behave? How should it help the user get their job done? How can we get out of the way and let the user do what they’ve hired our application to do. Designers are natural advocates for the users’ need for simplicity, ease of use, and elegance.
… and, if development is more than just writing code…
Certainly the code needs to be elegant, well formed, and efficient, but that doesn’t matter if you haven’t made something that touches people. For decades software was a take it or leave it proposition. Today users have come to expect applications that behave the way they expect not how an IT team decided.
… wouldn’t it be good to know someone who speaks the languages of both?
It’s sometimes advantageous to have one person with a hemisphere in both worlds. Someone with years of graphic design experience and a deep understanding of software development.
Luckily, I’m pretty easy to find.
I’m always eager to meet new people with new projects and new challenges. I deeply enjoy designing new applications and discussing the process with people who feel the same. So, tweet, link, or face if you’re interested in finding out more. Or you can use my contact form if that’s more your style.